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And use our time together to completly transform your riding and your communication with your horse


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– Lorna Leeson || Host of the Daily Strides Podcast & Creator of the 30 Day Rider Fitness Challenge and the Equestrian Fitness Challenge

"After a 3+ year break, the Equestrian Fitness Challenge is BACK! And I am more excited than I've ever been about the potential this brand-new challenge has to completely transform your riding, your fitness, and your mindset.

The 2024 Equestrian Fitness Challenge is different to all of the others I've created before because this year, we will be focused on walking...

Yep, one of my FAVOURITE activities! And when we couple our daily walks with some daily suppleness work in the form of yoga, this has the potential to completely reshape how you think of yourself as a rider, and how you think of your horse as a contributing and active team member"

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Whether you are new to horse riding, want to get back into regular riding after a break, or want to improve your current riding abilities...

The Equestrian Fitness Challenge will help you :)


Here's why I'm so excited for you to join the absolutely free Equestrian Fitness Challenge...

Do you find yourself wishing for more effective aids? Maybe you just want to canter a circle or two (or three or four) without becoming red in the face? Or perhaps it's your 'stickability' and overall stability that needs a little work?

 The Equestrian Fitness Challenge will help all of the above - and is so easy to follow along with regardless of your lifestyle or circumstances; your results are almost guaranteed...  

1 Walk A Day

Let's go right back to basics with this years challenge and focus on something that you can do anywhere and at any time during the day...

This year's challenge is focused on walking & I believe that a 30 minute (or more) daily walk will help change your riding

1 Yoga a Day

My sister, a yoga teacher, will be keeping you company each day as you spend 10 to 15 minutes grounding, stretching, suppling, and just getting to know your body more.

As an equestrian herself, she will guide you through a simple yoga practice that will open you up as a rider.

1 Training a Day

I will be joining you each day, ideally while on your walk, with a simple audio training where I will be sharing training tips and ideas you can use when you're in the saddle.

We will be chatting about your aids, independent seat, mindset, fitness, and how to be a better version of yourself in the saddle.

All you need is a pair of walking shoes, a smart phone, and a desire to really improve as a rider...

Are you willing to commit 45 minutes each day for 21 days?

Improving your fitness & suppleness will transform your abilities in the saddle and have a positive ripple effect on all of the areas of your life



Join thousands of riders from all over the world who are on a mission to become the best version of themselves in the saddle...

"...And I'm stunned that after just one week of your exercises, my horse-riding class this morning ended me with not feeling exhausted and frustrated. Instead, I had plenty of energy throughout and I was communicating much better with my horse. Even now, I'm not collapsed on my couch or aching all over. I'd say as someone whose never been remotely fitness-orientated, when you find a strong incentive for exercising (as I have now with Lorna's strength and suppleness exercises, which are giving me so much more joy/far less exhaustion when horse riding), then that same exercise becomes easy and not a chore..."

~ Charlotte - U.S

"...Thank you so much for creating these exercises, within the first week I felt much more confident and was way more balanced. You have helped so much I now enjoy my time in the saddle much more because of you. I'm going to continue these exercises since they've helped me so much, Thanks again..."

~ Sarah - U.S

"...very easy to follow & having the tick boxes has for some reason made me stick at it...It highlighted where the weakness is in my riding...The program has made an immediate improvement in my riding even though I was pretty riding fit and would consider myself a strong rider...Thanks so much for this wonderful program..."

~ Christine - Australia

So what will improving your fitness do for you as a rider? 

  • More stability in the saddle
  • More effective aids
  • Greater coordination
  • Increase in focus and concentration in the saddle
  • A stronger core will result in a more independent seat
  • More working 'with' your horse, rather than bouncing against or feeling behind the movement


There is a reason thousands of riders from all disciplines, methods, and walks of life swear by the Equestrian Fitness Challenge...

Simply put, It Works!

"...Thanks so much for creating this program! ...I've been getting slimmer, fitter, and stronger, and my horse and I are working together better than ever! ...I'm strong enough & have good enough body control to hold a good position, move with the horse & deliver clearer aids. I'm motivated to "work out" more often, and I've gotten a better self-image, as I am fitter, and more importantly, HEALTHIER than before. I truly appreciate everything, and I can't thank you enough!..." 

~ Tori - U.S

Lorna, thanks for the inspiration. I have been adding exercises into my weekly routine...I have enjoyed the challenge so much I have signed up to do it all over again...I do not own a horse at the moment and have limited access to riding but the fitness challenge has been a great way to get me prepared to ride and keep me from becoming discouraged that I cannot ride more often. At least I know I am building up my fitness in between.

~ Lynne - U.S.

"...I find they are also helpful on the days when I can't ride due to other commitments. Lorna has a great way of explaining technical things in an uncomplicated insightful manner. She is very skilled at communicate this technical stuff in an amusing, entertaining light hearted friendly way. Lovely job!..."

~ Andy - U.S


The important thing is to do something..

Sign up today and make the commitment to be the best version of you in the saddle