Daily Strides Premium for Equestrians


Daily Strides Premium is like having a riding instructor in your pocket. Audio trainings straight to your phone, so that you can listen, learn and practice when it suits you best



"...Lorna's way of teaching and describing really click with me. And I love listening to her voice..."

Susan Stelzer ~ United States

Personal Accountability & Support for Your First 8 Weeks

You get personal accountability, feedback and support, via email, for the first 8 weeks of your membership. 

A member of our team will personally reach out to you every second Tuesday to see how you are getting on - and offer help if needed.

Having someone hold you accountable is proven to improve your approach to your riding, which will result in even better results.

"...It was great having Stephanie as our main contact & having her sole focus on us. Her emails also kept me going as she never let me ignore her lol! If she had not been so persistent I would not have gotten as much from the program as I did..."

Anita Jones ~ New Zealand


You’ll also get an invitation to our Strides for Success Riders Club.

A private group where you can ask questions, share ideas, get feedback on your riding and more.

This is somewhere you can get extra accountability, connect with other riders.

All in a supportive, non judgemental and positive atmosphere...

This level of accountability and coaching — personalised checkins, weekly Q&A's and the direct feedback in our group - would cost hundreds on its own.

You'll get all this for free when you join Daily Strides Premium. 

Make Every Ride Great... Get Expert Advice Every Week When You Join Daily Strides Premium

Now in addition to giving you a plan for each ride through our audio horse riding lessons, Daily Strides Premium also gives you the opportunity to get your questions answered with a weekly live Q&A.

When you join Daily Strides Premium you'll get live coaching & Q&A once a week. 

In these live Q&A, I will answer any questions you have, or help you work through any issues that are showing up in your riding. The Q&A's also include training on the current 'theme' inside of Daily Strides Premium.  

Every session is recorded so you get access to all replays.

This is Different to Everything Else You Have Tried...

Imagine each week you were handed an actual plan for your rides...  

A step by step map that explain to you what you are doing, why you are doing it and how you can communicate that to your horse - in a way you both understand and can work at when riding  

Imagine how, because of this map, you became excited to ride again - you began making your time in the saddle a priority again...  

This is what I can do for you - a plan for every ride and a lot of fun following it :)

Plus, You'll Get Instant Access to All the Past Trainings & Themes

Daily Strides Premium gives immediate access to trainings from the past five years, so you download, listen and use in your riding. 

Every new member gets a personal 'feed' where all new trainings and episodes will appear. We will even assist you to get it working on your phone — no fancy tech skills required. 

All you need is an internet connection, a smart phone (if you want to listen at the yard or barn) or a computer.

Monthly Curated Themes to Help Move You Forwards - with Focus

Each month, along with two brand new weeks of trainings (5 episodes each), I put together a 'suggested listening' list for you.

They are past trainings I have created that, I feel, will complement the current monthly theme. 

Monthly Planning Live Calls

Towards the end of each month, there is a live call for all members to help you make progress with your riding.

Review the month that was. Set a goal for the upcoming month. Plan whats to come.

Then, using both of the above, plan out your upcoming riding and training for the month ahead. 

Inspiration & Motivation on Tap...

You can easily find topics that are of interest to you and your horse inside of Daily Strides Premium. 

Simply use the search bar to access lessons on a specific topic or subject 

Track Yourself & Your Goals with 'Checkboxes' 

Every training has an area where you can track your progress, write down your thoughts and help keep you accountable. 

Plus, you'll get the personalised accountability, the live Q&A's and the support when you join Daily Strides Premium today

Then $47 per month thereafter

Hey there, I'm Lorna  

& my goal is to help riders, like you, have better conversations with their horses - both on the ground and in the saddle.

Having coached, instructed and trained thousands of riders, I know how easy it is to get off track (and uninspired) in your riding. 

By figuring out what you actually want to achieve and then creating a 'do-able' plan to make that happen, we can work together to make your rides as enjoyable as possible - for you and your horse. 

Join today and we can be on a lesson together within minutes. You don't even need a horse, lots of my riders listen to their lessons out of the saddle and then put the concepts into practice later when they are riding.  

Horse riding lessons that are truly as flexible as you need them to be..  

Let's "Make Every Ride Great" for you and your horse...


Who is Daily Strides Premium for?

Riders who want to really understand what they are doing in the saddle; so that they can make better use of their aids when communicating with their horse.

What if I already have an instructor or trainer?

Great, lot's of members do as well. They find that listening to the trainings actually compliment their 'in person' trainer, and help them to move forward more quickly; more 'doing' every ride.

What If I ride alone, without a regular trainer?

If this is the case, you are actually the rider I had in mind when I first began creating the lessons. The Q&A session, planning session and group were all added with you in mind :)

What level do I need to be at to use DSP?

I would suggest that you can happily walk and trot unassisted. For more advanced riders, there are trainings on jumping to half pass to turn on the haunches... 

Do I need my own horse to use DSP?

No, in fact some members ride once a week on riding school horses. The trainings can be listened to both in and out of the saddle, so no horse is required!

How often do I need to ride to use DSP?

My suggestion is always, if possible, 4 or more a week. However, if you just ride once a week, this will definitely help you to get more from that one ride.

How do the trainings get on my phone?

When you become a member, a special 'feed' is created for you. We will take you step by step through how to put this onto your phone. Then it is simply a matter of listening when your new trainings appear.

Can I also download trainings & episodes?

Yes, all the lessons are available immediately inside of the members area. You can listen from there & download from there. You can follow our suggestions for the month, or make your own plan. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel anytime in the account section inside of the members area. This is done with two clicks. All bonuses will also be terminated with immediate effect on cancellation of subscription