Make Horse Riding a Regular Thing in Your Life Again

Finding More Time to Ride Workbook will help you to figure out what you can do with your horse

- even if you only have 15 minutes or less available


Guided Audio Horse Riding Lessons

All of Lorna's programs offer easy-to-follow, step by step instructions in audio format to follow while working with your horse.

Simply open the app on your phone, hit play, and it's like having a lesson with an instructor that you can repeat, over and over again until you feel confident in your abilities.

"If you like podcasts, you're going to LOVE this type of training with your horse"

Unsure of what to do with your horse?

Stuck and unable to move forward?

Here are some complete, step-by-step solutions you can begin using today to transform your conversation with your horse.

Daily Strides Premium Podcast

$22 per month

Audio horse riding lessons are delivered to your favourite podcast app on the 01st and 15th of every month.
The Daily Strides Premium Private Podcast will give you something to work on each ride with your horse to help you stay on track and motivated.

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Groundwork for Riding

$99 single payment

A 4-week program for you to begin intentionally using your time on the ground to really develop and grow your aids in a way that will improve your riding and your horse as well...

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Lunging for Riding Program

$99 single payment

A 4-week program that will completely transform how you lunge your horse in order to create better results when riding. Suitable for riders who have never tried lunging before, and those who lunge regularly...

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Improve Your Canter

Improve Your Canter Program

$99 single payment

A 4-week program that will help you and your horse transform the canter, to improve the whole ride. Follow the guided audio horse riding lessons, work at your own speed, and finally learn how to ride and develop a better canter

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Returning to Riding Program


Whether you are a novice or you are comoing back to riding affter a break, this coaching program will help you to begin putting the basics in your riding on 'autopilot' so that you can finally begin focusing more on 'influencing' your horse, rather than simply being a passenger in the saddle

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Homeschooling Your Horse


If you are working on training your horse, but feel a little overwhelmed, Homeschooling Your Horse will take you step by step through the traditional training scale so that you can create a training program that covers all of the principles for you and your horse.

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What Our Riders Say


"...Lorna makes me feel more confident in my daily riding..."

-Sarah-Jean, U.S.A

"Always gets me thinking and trying new approaches - Lorna provides wonderful insights that always seem to provide a new way of thinking about a problem I am struggling with. It is very practical, but at the same time gives food for thought that I can build on. Lorna has a clear, focused, and compassionate presentation. I always want to try out her suggestions right away!"

-Suze, U.S.A

"Just what I needed! As a new rider and taking this sport up in my 50’s, I definitely reached the point that went from passion and excitement to “what the hell am I thinking”... I was about ready to give up and revert to my past comfort level and came across the podcast about building my confidence to the next level. I loved hearing how my brain was saying these things to keep me safe, but my heart is now saying, keep going. The next level is just around the corner. I think I’ll ride tomorrow and use this as a stepping stone to more challenge. Thanks, Lorna!"

-iTunes Review from U.S.A

"Lorna's way of teaching and describing really clicks with me..."

-Susan, U.S.A

The Daily Strides Podcast

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Tired of riding the endless circle? Or maybe you're struggling to find inspiration for your riding each week? If so, this is the podcast for you.

The Daily Strides Podcast is for equestrians wanting to learn more, stay inspired, and continue to move the conversation between horse and rider forward.

Each episode provides step-by-step guided instruction on different aspects of riding, groundwork, and lunging your horse or pony. All episodes have a full blog post published at

New episodes are published every Monday.

Say goodbye to the endless circle and hello to intentional interaction with your horse in a way that you both enjoy, that you both benefit from, by subscribing to the Daily Strides Podcast for Equestrians today and Let's Make Every Ride Great