Relaxation in Riding Live Webinar Training

Free Online Training and Q&A with Lorna Leeson

Mastering True Relaxation in Your Riding

Which has very little with what you think of relaxaiton as being...

December 18, 2018 // 12 noon EST

Seconds 2018


  • What relaxation really is
  • Why it is so misunderstood - it's all to do with the word 'relaxation'!
  • Where it all starts - which has nothing to do with 'doing nothing'
  • How you can positively influence your horse to encourage correct relaxation
  • Why sometimes you need ‘more’ in the saddle
  • Learning to smooth things out throughout your ride (which leads to rhythm)
  • Why transitions can be difficult to maintain consistent relaxation
  • Encouraging correct relaxation in ‘hot’, ‘anxious’ or ‘excitable’ horses
  • Understanding true relaxation in ‘docile’, ‘laid back’ or ‘lazy’ horses

Hi There, I'm Lorna

and I am on a bit of a mission...

My goal is to help millions of riders all over the world have better conversations with their horses.

Better conversations leads to overall better communication, which results in happier horses and riders all round.

I am the voice behind the Daily Strides Podcast and I am passionate about helping riders build a solid foundation that they can then use to build on as they move forward in their riding journey.

I am so excited to share this training with you all about relaxaiton - which I believe just the word itself causes so much of the confusion around the principle. 

I'm really looking forward to chatting about this and so much more on our live training together.

Until then, keep well, and remember to 'make every ride great'



  • Feeling ‘stuck’ in your riding
  • Frustrated with the progress, or the lack thereof, in your riding and training
  • Unable to ride smooth transitions
  • Struggling with an anxious, excited or just plain ‘hot’ horse
  • Trying but failing to maintain rhythm throughout movements or your ride
  • Looking for the ‘reset button’ in your riding journey...

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