About Lorna & Strides for Success

Hi there, I’m Lorna…

I’ve been riding horses since I was in single digits; trotting around the country side of my native Co.Kildare in Ireland.  I later graduated to show jumping and eventing before beginning to help other riders on their journey.

As a riding instructor / trainer / equestrian coach I’ve been helping equestrians for close to twenty years now.  Over that time, I have developed a passion for working with riders who truly want to learn how their horse understands them.

I also strongly believe that horse riding should be fun and enjoyable; for both horse and rider.

Horses aside, I am a proud Mama to two small boys, a wife, a business owner, care taker of an assortment of horses, ponies, dogs & cats, an avid hiker (who favours bundu bashing above all else!) and an enthusiastic wine sipper…

My ideal day involves training horse & rider combinations who want to learn, a walk with my dogs in the bush, playing in the garden with the boys and all followed by some wine and cheese with a good book while we wait for the fire to burn.  It’s a good life 😉

I divide my time between our farm in rural South Africa and our house in Ireland.

I’m also on a mission…

To positively impact millions of riders and their horses all over the world.  I believe riding is a team sport.  You, the rider, are the team leader and I want to help riders show up as just that.  A leader for both you and your horse.

So tell me, have you ever noticed that how you approach things with your horse, very often has a big influence on the outcome?

My goal is to help riders set a clearer intention about each and every encounter they have with their horse, so they can have better conversations.

What is a conversation?

You are always communicating with your horse.  Always.  So it makes good sense that the better you can both understand each other in those conversations, the more progress can be made.

Conversations happen both on the ground and in the saddle.  I help riders develop both, so they can really enjoy their time riding.  You ride because of how it makes you feel.  Therefore it must feel good; for you and your horse.

Fun is a key element in my life and I bring that to my method of training riders, both in person and online. 

Your conversation with your horse must be a two way street if you want to build the relationship.  I am all about creating a strong foundation with the basics.

Make Every Ride Great

It was from watching riders having the same 30 minutes in the saddle, almost on repeat, that led me to creating the Daily Strides Podcast and everything since then…

If you are looking for fresh inspiration to keep you and your horse moving forward on your riding journey – this is the podcast for you.

The Daily Strides Podcast is the easiest way for equestrians and riders all over the world to keep moving forward with their riding – in a way that feels good for both rider and horse.

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Every Monday I take a topic to do with horse riding and explain it in a way that is easy to understand and follow.  My goal is to help riders have better conversations with their horses, both in and out of the saddle.

Next steps…

Sign up for my free training on the half halt that will give you a taste of how I can help you in the saddle.  Suitable for all levels of riders, it will allow you to instantly begin improving your conversation with your horse