How to Leave a Review of the Daily Strides Podcast

I love reading reviews that listeners of the Daily Strides Podcast leave on iTunes.

It really and truly is one of the best ways you can let me know that you are listening, benefiting and enjoying the weekly episodes.

Leaving a review is easier than you think – and it goes such a long way to helping other riders also find the podcast and join our community.

Leaving a Review on iTunes

  1. Open the purple Podcast App on your phone (reviews happen inside of the app, not in iTunes itself)
  2. Click the purple magnifying glass on the bottom right corner of the screen
  3. Type in Daily Strides Podcast in the search bar
  4. Select the Daily Strides Podcast for equestrians by tapping on the picture (it’s a pic of yours truly!)
  5. When the podcast opens, YOU MUST SCROLL DOWN
  6. Scroll past ‘Recent Episodes’
  7. Scroll past ‘Available Episodes’
  8. You will see “Ratings & Reviews”
  9. There will be 5 white stars with a purple outline in a horizontal line
  10. Simply tap on the star rating you want to give the podcast – I would love for you to tap on the fifth star…!
  11. If you really want to make my day (yes, I read every single review) you can tap on the “Write a Review” link (you will see it underneath in purple writing)
  12. A screen will open where you can create a title for your review and then simply type in your thoughts about the podcast
  13. Once your finished, simply tap ‘Send’ in the top right corner

And that is it… I will get a notification telling me that you took a few minutes out of your day to write something – and get to experience a lovely warm fuzzy feeling after reading it.

I really and truly do read each and every review and they really do go a long way to helping me stay consistent with creating the free podcasts for riders.

If you took the time to give the podcast a review or rating – THANK YOU!

You really and truly have made my day.

Keep well


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