Positively Influencing Other Equestrians this Christmas & New Year

Positively Influencing Other Equestrians this Christmas & New Year

Positively Influencing Other Equestrians this Christmas & New Year

Positively Impacting Other Equestrians This Christmas

What this episode is all about & how it can help you:-

  • Spread some positive energy around your equestrian network
  • Identify small and easy to do yet meaningful ideas you can use

It’s Christmas…!  In this episode of the Daily Strides Podcast I want to give you some quick and simple ideas that will help you spread Christmas cheer now in your equestrian network.  I am also hoping that you will carry some of these ideas forward and put them into practice in the new year as well. 

In past years, I have created and hosted a “12 Days of Christmas Equestrian Challenge” leading up to the big day itself… The ideas today come directly from that.  

1. Write a Thank You card or a Letter to someone

I actually would love if you can take a pen to paper on this one.  My hope is that you will write a letter to someone who had a big influence in you actually reading or listening to this right now.  The person who introduced you to horses, or who inspired you to make them part of your life.

It could be the person who drove you to and from the barn all those days.  Perhaps it is the person who gifted you with a subscription to a horsey magazine.  The person who funded or paid for your lessons or equipment.  This could be the person who actually thought you how to ride…

Tell that person what a positive impact their actions have had on your life…  Send it by post if you can; everyone always loves getting a lovely ‘Thank You’ card in the post :)

2. Lending a Helping Hand

We all know someone who is ‘in the thick of it’ when it comes to the day-to-day duties that our horses require.  I am going to suggest that at some point over the Christmas period that you volunteer your services to help that person have a little break or rest.

Keep in mind that a lot of these types of people don’t trust anyone to do it like they do it (I speak from experience here…!), so they might prefer some ‘help’ to get finished up faster, rather than you substituting and doing it for them 

Just offering your services and time will allow that person to have more time with their loved ones over this Christmas period as well.

3. Support a Local Animal Welfare or Charity

It seems like a pretty obvious one, but I have found that volunteering is often something we tend to think of everyone else doing – without actually getting around to doing it ourselves!  Not a great situation when a lot of people are thinking alike!

If you cannot volunteer your time, perhaps you can make a monetary donation to an animal welfare or charity instead.   

Bonus:- A Shout Out on Your Social Media Channels

You can go a step further by giving your chosen charity a quick mention on your social media accounts.  This will perhaps inspire some of your friends and family to follow your lead and donate time or money as well.

4. Paying it Forward

At some point in your life, someone introduced you to horses and nurtured your love of them.  Imagine being that for someone else.  Being the person who is instrumental in a little (or not so little) person meeting and falling in love with horses for the first time. 

Think of someone who otherwise might never get that opportunity.  Watching someones face light up when the horse acknowledges their presence is magical. 

It is also worthwhile to note that I think the horses seem to understand what is going on.  Choose a horse that will be a great ambassador for all the horses of the world and help the ‘meeting’ be a great one.

5. Say Thank You to Someone Doing a Great Job Online…

As equestrians, we all have our horsey blogs and social media accounts that we follow.  These may not be ‘educational’ riders.  Often it is simply riders who are allowing us to join them on their journey with their horses.

Give them a shout out and tell them how much you enjoy their content and their story.  If they do have a blog or podcast, write a review and tell them and others that what they are doing is great and appreciated. 

6. Make A Resolution that will Positively Impact Someone other than You…

Thinking ahead to the new year, I would love if you can commit to a resolution that will benefit someone other than yourself.  Perhaps a regular donation to a charity.  Volunteering one Saturday morning a month for a couple of hours at the local animal welfare.  You could also help the above mentioned person ‘in the thick of it’ by offering one Saturday morning a month so they can take it off.

There are many ways you can help out by giving of your time or your money.  Not only will you be helping someone else, you will also reap the positive feelings and benefits that occur when we help others.  It is truly a win – win :)

7. A Shout Out to the Brand or Equestrian that Inspires You?

This could be a clothing brand, a saddler, a brand of feed.  Alternatively it could be an equestrian or someone involved with equestrians that you feel is doing great work in the world.

Send them a message on social media and tell them how they are inspiring you.  You can also give them a shout out on social media so others can find them

8. What Local Equestrian Business is Doing a Great Job? Tell them & Others

This can be an equestrian business, an equestrian or a equine professional or someone working within the equine industry.  This could be the local riding school, your farrier, your vet, the local feed store…  There are so many different local businesses we interact with in the day-to-day of keeping horses.

Give them a shout out online and take five minutes to write them a review so others can see just how great they are.  They will know that you think they are doing a great job and you will be helping them to grow their business :)

Happy Christmas & wishing you a great 2019


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