Getting Through Tough Times in Your Riding…

Getting Through Tough Times in Your Riding…

Getting Through Tough Times in Your Riding…

Deciding to work towards something specific in your riding is a good thing. And, usually, you will feel positive about that decision, and all the work involved to get there, initially. Until you realize you must ‘do’ the work – and the novelty starts to wear off a little!

Riding, just like most things, will involve effort. Especially when you are working to improve or reach a specific goal or outcome. And that ‘effort’ can often result in you quitting! 

It’s normal to experience all of the excitement at the beginning of something. A new hobby, project, or goal.  And it’s also ‘normal’ to notice that as you get further down the road, it can feel hard.  This is to be expected and even planned for with your goals.

What’s less ‘normal’ is to find the stamina to push on through that resistance you feel and cross the finish line. To see the goal or project to completion. That takes perseverance! 

Creating Perseverance in Your Riding

I think that being honest from the start with yourself is important. And part of that honesty will be to realize in advance that things will probably get a little harder before they get easier. Hard things at the beginning are usually overcome pretty easily. There is this optimistic momentum on your side that helps you overcome whatever obstacles are in your way.

However, in the middle of the journey, when you’re feeling tired even a little bored from the monotony of doing the thing day in and day out, you need to build perseverance. 

You can do this by honouring commitments to yourself. If you tell yourself you’re going to do it, honour that. Do what you say you’re going to do.  Each time you do this for yourself, you strengthen your discipline muscle. And this builds trust in yourself and your word. It sounds strange, but the more you can trust yourself, the better the chances you have of doing the thing you said you would do.

When Enthusiasm Wanes…

There are a couple of things you can begin to do to help get you through this period of the journey. From personal experience, I have had great success in implementing the following few ideas in my own life:-
        1. Don’t think; just do!
        2. Have a list of topics or things to do that inspire you
        3. Find ways to become curious again
        4. Plan what you want to do the day or week before
        5. Track the progress
By having a few different options and creating a plan for you and your horse, you will find that on those days, you actually can ‘push on through’.  And once you do this a few times, you will build that trust in yourself, and your positive momentum will build from there.

Tough Times in Your Riding

There will be times in your riding when you just don’t feel like doing the thing. Where the past few rides have felt hard.  The key to overcoming this is to show up.  To commit, create a few ‘contingency plans’ and then just make it happen.
Tough times in your riding will happen. It’s how you train yourself to respond to these times that will determine how you will show up as a rider and an equestrian. 
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Happy Riding

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