6 Questions for When You’ve Stopped Improving as a Rider

6 Questions for When You’ve Stopped Improving as a Rider

6 Questions for When You’ve Stopped Improving as a Rider

It is one of the most frustrating experiences as a rider when you notice that you’ve stopped improving. Progress has stalled! You’re doing ‘all the things’ but, seemingly, to no avail whatsoever.

This is a common place that most riders can find themselves in at some point or another. And the good news is that there are things you can begin doing today that will help you get moving and improving as a rider soon.

6 Questions For When You’ve Stopped Improving

1 . How Well Do You Understand What You Think You’re Doing?

2 . Are you Physically Able to Allow Improvement to Happen?

3 . Is Horse Riding a Priority In Your Life?

4 . Are you Being Consistent – With the Right Things?

5 . Have You And Actual Goal that you’re Working Towards?

6 . Does Something Need to Change?

One Tweak Each Week

I strongly suggest changing one thing each week. When we have stopped improving, we tend to have an all-or-nothing approach to changing. We either do nothing or everything – all at once!

By taking the ‘one change a week’ approach, you can really pay attention to the outcome each change has.  You will know what works for you or not.  Changing too much too quickly might get you a result… However, you won’t know what has worked in order to keep yourself moving forward.

Remember, there is a good chance that once you have stopped improving as a rider, it will happen again at some point… Knowing what works for you will help. 

I have included different ideas for each of the above suggestions in the Daily Strides Podcast episode on this topic. Have a listen and see what it possibly sparks for you and your riding.

Happy Riding

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