Day 7 ~ SfS 12 Days of Christmas Equestrian Challenge

Day 7 ~ SfS 12 Days of Christmas Equestrian Challenge

Day 7 ~ SfS 12 Days of Christmas Equestrian Challenge

Strides for Success 12 Days of Christmas Equestrian Challenge Day 7

When we think of horses, we think of the ones in our own lives.  The ones that are showered with love and care on a daily basis.  The ones that we will bend over backwards to keep safe and healthy. However, there are many other horses throughout the world who rely on some very special people and organisations.

Charities throughout the world pick up the pieces for the animals who, for many different reasons, have been forgotten about.  These animals lives depend on the work these different charity organisations perform on a daily basis.

Of course, these charities have the same expenses as everyone with animals, the difference being that a lot of the animals they tend to are sick or injured.  We all know what that means; more time, money and more equipment than normal is needed to nurse and care for the animals in desperate need.

So today, for Day 7 of the SfS 12 Days of Christmas Equestrian Challenge, I am urging you to firstly donate either your time, your money or some equipment to an animal charity of your choice.

Many of the charities rely solely on the donations of the public to keep their doors opened.  Volunteers are also a massive part of the work being done by charities throughout the world, so if you have a few hours to spare, maybe you can give the gift of your time.

Use your presence on social media today to direct much needed attention to a charity that you think are doing fantastic work.  Urge your friends and family to do the same – and to also donate something. 

If everyone reading this swaps just one cup of hot chocolate or coffee a week, and instead donates that money to a charity; the impact will be felt by so many desperate animals throughout the world.

So, do something today to help the animals who also deserve but lack love, care and attention… The two charities that Strides for Success is donating to are My Lovely Horse Rescue in Ireland and the Cart Horse Protection Association in Cape Town.  If you are unsure of which charity to donate to, perhaps you might consider either of these two :)

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The Strides for Success 12 Days of Christmas Equestrian Challenge is an opportunity for equestrians throughout the world to give their favourite equestrian businesses, bloggers and horse people in general a big virtual shout out & “Thank You” throughout the 2016 build up to Christmas!

To join in the fun, simply CLICK HERE and help spread the love & gratitude throughout the horsey world.  

When you join the 12 Days of Christmas Equestrian Challenge you will receive the daily emails, with links to the videos that go into a little more detail for each day.  You can also join the Facebook Group and will be in with a chance to win some goodies for yourself this Christmas as well!

Happy Christmas

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And help us to spread the Christmas goodwill all over the equestrian world by sharing the challenge with your friends and fellow riders.  Thank You!

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