Day 3 ~ SfS 12 Days of Christmas Equestrian Challenge

Day 3 ~ SfS 12 Days of Christmas Equestrian Challenge

Day 3 ~ SfS 12 Days of Christmas Equestrian Challenge

SfS 12 Days of Christmas Equestrian Challenge Day 3

Who helped make 2016 a special one for you and your horse?  Which of your local equestrian based businesses went above and beyond – and deserve a little recognition for their efforts?

As equestrians, we know that it literally takes a village to keep both us and our horses safe, sound, watered, fed & fully kitted out!  Every year we require the services of so many different equestrian professionals to keep us well and in the saddle.  The farrier, the feed store, the tack store, the chiropractor, the dentist, the vet, the local riding school, the competition facilities, the boarding barns, the grooms and even the person who clips your horse in winter to name just a few…

These professionals are essential to our enjoyment of our horses and very often theirs is a bit of a thankless job…  You have the power to change all that though and, by calling them out online, not only expressing your gratitude, but perhaps also helping others find out about them and their wonderful work.

So today, for Day 3 of the SfS 12 Days of Christmas Equestrian Challenge,I want you to send a local equestrian business or professional a little love and shine a virtual spot light on them.  Write them a 5 star review or testimonial and post it online.  

Include in there a specific story or two of how they helped you and your horse.  Perhaps you have a ‘before and after’ tale that you can share?  Or maybe it is just their attention to detail that you want to rave about?  Maybe it is their willingness to go above and beyond, regardless of the circumstances and resources required…

Tell them how much you appreciate their efforts and how essential they are for both your horse and yourself.  Think about other people reading the review ~ what could you say that might entice them to give them a try?

When your review or testimonial is written, tag them on social media using their handle – and share, share, share to your heart’s content! Remember that posts with a picture have more impact online, so include a photo of the testimonial and a photo of a horse or two.  

Oh, and make sure you the hashtags below so we can all read your review.

Finally, to really make an impact in their business, I suggest adding a reminder in your phone to repost or re-share the review / testimonial again early next year.  Often things can get a little lost in the rush of things online around Christmas, so doing this again in January will definitely help spread the news.

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The Strides for Success 12 Days of Christmas Equestrian Challenge is an opportunity for equestrians throughout the world to give their favourite equestrian businesses, bloggers and horse people in general a big virtual shout out & “Thank You” throughout the 2016 build up to Christmas!

To join in the fun, simply CLICK HERE and help spread the love & gratitude throughout the horsey world.  

When you join the 12 Days of Christmas Equestrian Challenge you will receive the daily emails, with links to the videos that go into a little more detail for each day.  You can also join the Facebook Group and will be in with a chance to win some goodies for yourself this Christmas as well!

Happy Christmas

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And help us to spread the Christmas goodwill all over the equestrian world by sharing the challenge with your friends and fellow riders.  Thank You!

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