Day 12 ~ SfS 12 Days of Christmas Equestrian Challenge

Day 12 ~ SfS 12 Days of Christmas Equestrian Challenge

Day 12 ~ SfS 12 Days of Christmas Equestrian Challenge

Strides for Success 12 Days of Christmas Equestrian Challenge Day 12

The final day of our challenge – and today I want you to turn your attention back to yourself and your horse.  We are so close to the end of the year I want you to have a think about where you are right now.  Is this where you thought you would be 12 months ago?  Did you reach your goals?  Keep your resolutions?

Where would you like to be this day next year?  More specifically, I want you to think about your riding and your horse.  When you get to this day next year, what do you want to be able to have written about 2017?

What do you want your word for 2017 to be?

Today  for the final day of the SfS 12 Days of Christmas Equestrian Challenge, Day 12, I want you to set your number 1 equestrian related goal for 2017.

Will it be to do with your riding?  Perhaps it will be based on your horse, or where your horse lives.  Maybe it will have something to do with equipment or tack.  It might relate to competitions or qualifications…

Whatever goal you choose, please make sure it is ‘do-able’ for you.  That your current circumstances support and will allow you to pursue this goal.  Time and finances are two of the biggest factors when considering if it is the right goal for you.  Also your family and work.

Once you have chosen your goal, post it online making sure you use the hashtags for us to follow along. 

And finally, because this challenge is about what you can do to help others, I urge you to take a look around and see who you can help achieve their goal.  

Is there someone at the barn that you can support?  Perhaps there is someone you can mentor?  Maybe there is a rider who needs someone to video them?  Or who could ride an extra day a week of someone tacked their horse up for them…

When you have identified a rider you feel you can assist, approach them and offer your services.  If they take you up on it, fantastic!  If they don’t, well no hard feelings!

As with the previous days, here are the hashtags you can use when posting your goal…

#Sfs12DaysOfChristmas #12DayChristmasEquestrianChallenge #MakeEveryRideGreat #30DayRiderFitnessChallenge #EquestrianChristmas #PayingItForward #FitforRiding #RidingforWellness #EquestrianLifestyle #ChristmasChallenge #SfSChristmasChallengeDay1

Thank you so much for taking part in the challenge… If you have been following along via email, look out for an email from me on Tuesday 27th of December…

I hope you and your loved ones have a peaceful, blessed and happy Christmas
Keep well

The Strides for Success 12 Days of Christmas Equestrian Challenge is an opportunity for equestrians throughout the world to give their favourite equestrian businesses, bloggers and horse people in general a big virtual shout out & “Thank You” throughout the 2016 build up to Christmas!

To join in the fun, simply CLICK HERE and help spread the love & gratitude throughout the horsey world.  

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And help us to spread the Christmas goodwill all over the equestrian world by sharing the challenge with your friends and fellow riders.  Thank You!

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