Day 10 ~ SfS 12 Days of Christmas Equestrian Challenge

Day 10 ~ SfS 12 Days of Christmas Equestrian Challenge

Day 10 ~ SfS 12 Days of Christmas Equestrian Challenge

Strides for Success 12 Days of Christmas Equestrian Challenge Day 10

Its such a pity that Christmas only comes once a year… However, imagine if we could make a little of the magic stretch throughout the coming year as well?  As our Challenge nears an end, I want to begin turning your thoughts towards 2017.  However, I want you to start thinking of what you can do for others in the coming year, not yourself!

Today, for Day 10 of the SfS 12 Days of Christmas Equestrian Challenge, I want you to think long and hard about what you can incorporate into your life during 2017 that will benefit others – and more specifically – some horses. 

Can you set up a monthly donation to your favourite charity?  Bring a young person horse riding once a month?  Maybe you can clean the stables at the barn every fortnight… Or treat your horse (and maybe another horse as well) to something they love once a month.

It doesn’t have to involve money and it also doesn’t  have to involve a lot of time. Maybe you can set a reminder in your diary to write or post a review or testimonial for one local equestrian business each month.  Or perhaps you can share a local charity’s fundraising activities with your friends and followers…

Just make sure that whatever you choose to continue on with in 2017 will suit your current lifestyle.  Don’t choose something that is unrealistic from a time or financial perspective.  Make sure it is something you can do – and will remember to do – during the coming year. 

Once you have made your decision, let us know by posting online and using the hashtags below so we can follow you.

#Sfs12DaysOfChristmas #12DayChristmasEquestrianChallenge #MakeEveryRideGreat #30DayRiderFitnessChallenge #EquestrianChristmas #PayingItForward #FitforRiding #RidingforWellness #EquestrianLifestyle #ChristmasChallenge #SfSChristmasChallengeDay1

The Strides for Success 12 Days of Christmas Equestrian Challenge is an opportunity for equestrians throughout the world to give their favourite equestrian businesses, bloggers and horse people in general a big virtual shout out & “Thank You” throughout the 2016 build up to Christmas!

To join in the fun, simply CLICK HERE and help spread the love & gratitude throughout the horsey world.  

When you join the 12 Days of Christmas Equestrian Challenge you will receive the daily emails, with links to the videos that go into a little more detail for each day.  You can also join the Facebook Group and will be in with a chance to win some goodies for yourself this Christmas as well!

Happy Christmas

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And help us to spread the Christmas goodwill all over the equestrian world by sharing the challenge with your friends and fellow riders.  Thank You!

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