Setting Yourself up for Success on this Journey…

So, you have joined the 30 Day Rider Fitness Challenge – and right now you are probably full of great intentions, right?

However, these warm fuzzy feelings can fade; fast!

Here are a few ways to keep you inspired moving through the challenge and beyond…

  1. The Daily Strides Podcast

Every Monday, you will receive a new episode filled with the hows and whys behind a whole host of different topics related specifically to riding your horse.

It is a way to keep you both motivated and moving forward in your journey together.

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2. The Fit for Riding Podcast

Every Saturday the Fit for Riding Podcast releases an episode with the goal to help you build the equestrian lifestyle of your dreams.

Practical, fun and a little different from the usual ‘horse riding topics’, the Fit for Riding Podcast will help keep you on track with achieving your equestrian goals.

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The Fit for Riding Podcast is in the midst of being relaunched – and will be going live on all the platforms in October 2017… Exciting stuff ;)

3.  Improve Your Riding

Here at Strides for Success we are all about the riding.  Understanding the whats and whys behind the aids; so you can better communicate what you want with your horse.

Sound good?  There is a free mini-course HERE that might just interest you.

4. Community

Surrounding yourself with other riders who are all on a mission to improve themselves and their riding is a sure fired way of helping to maintain this initial momentum you are beginning to feel…  You can join the 30 Day Rider Fitness Challenge Fb group HERE and you can also join our Virtual Lounge Fb group HERE

Looking forward to helping you improve your riding – and have more fun in the saddle over the coming weeks, months and years…

Chat soon