Question:- Young Horse and a Beginner Rider Combination

Question:- Young Horse and a Beginner Rider Combination

Question:- Young Horse and a Beginner Rider Combination

On the face of it, pairing a young horse and a beginner rider can seem like a great idea.  Both get to learn and grow together.  However, this is not a partnership I would intentionally advise anyone to get into.  When you have both horse and rider in the same boat, lacking knowledge and experience, it can create some ‘interesting’ detours on the training journey!

I received an email from a listener of the Daily Strides Podcast asking for advice about this exact situation. 4-year-old gelding and a beginner/novice rider.  I do think that every situation is different and, in this particular case, I feel that this can work – if the right approach is taken.

One of the biggest challenges riders come up against in this situation is loss of confidence.  This is in themselves, their abilities, and in their horse as well

In this episode, I give my opinion on what to do in this particular situation.  This rider is fortunate to have a trainer that they work with and this plays a big role in how I answered this question for this particular rider.  However, if you find yourself as a beginner rider and working with a young or green horse, I do hope that you will find a nugget or two in this episode to help you as well.

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All horse and rider partnerships are unique.  It is important to keep that in mind when seeking advice or following advice that is not tailor-made for you and your situation.  If you have a question about your riding or your horse’s training, send me an email, lorna [at] stridesforsucess [dot] com.  And I will answer your question here on the Daily Strides Podcast as well.

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