A Groundpole Exercise for Riding in a Smaller Space

A Groundpole Exercise for Riding in a Smaller Space

A Groundpole Exercise for Riding in a Smaller Space

It is easy to become ‘stuck’, both physically and mentally, when riding in a smaller space.  As riders, we tend to ‘slow things down’ to the point where we lose forwardness.  Forwardness, both physical and mental, is essential to riding anything well…

This episode of the Daily Strides Podcast comes from the 1st lesson of 5 on the topic and is focused on how you can use groundpoles in a smaller space. 

There is an accompanying layout diagram for this episode that you can download for free HERE

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In the 5 audio horse riding lessons, I will show you how you can use both groundpoles and raised poles in a smaller arena to help cultivate and maintain forwardness in your riding.  You will be surprised exactly how much you can fit into a small space!

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