Daily Strides Premium

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Are you struggling with coordination?

Riding horses is hard work!
So much to learn, so much to remember & every now and then your partner decides to take matters into their own hooves

Perhaps your progress has stalled due to lack of planning?

You are getting as much time in the saddle as possible, however having to plan out each ride is too time consuming; leading to the ‘endless circle’!

Maybe you’re struggling to maintain all the ‘pieces’?

Many riders never become as effective & independent in the saddle as they want to because they simply become bogged down with all the different, yet all as important, bits of the puzzle that make a good rider.

Don’t allow your riding to become another chore, being pushed down the priorities of your seemingly never ending to-do list. You know how important your seat aids are, you know how vital it is to communicate your leg aids effectively. In fact I would wager a guess that you even know how important your frame of mind is before you even hop into the saddle…

and Daily Strides Premium can help you put it all together


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