Your Mindset; What Do You Believe About Your Riding?

Your Mindset; What Do You Believe About Your Riding?

Your Mindset; What Do You Believe About Your Riding?

Your Mindset; What Do You Believe About Your Riding?
I am fascinated by how our minds work.  I love seeing the co-relation between our beliefs and thoughts play out in our physical day to day lives.  Meeting and chatting with riders for the first time is one of my favorite things to do.  I pay close attention.  I love listening to the stories they tell me about themselves and their riding.
So many riders have themselves convinced they cannot do something, and therefore take action from that place or that perspective.  The place where the thing they want won’t work.  This versus riders who believe they can do something.  They will take action based on their beliefs, and usually prove themselves right.

Your Beliefs = Your Results

What we believe is crucial to the results we get in our riding.  This, of course, is not just limited to riding.  It can be applied to any area of our lives.  I personally believe (there is that word, again!) that this is due to how we ‘show up’.
Henry Ford was the one who said whether we think we can or we can’t, we’re right.  This principle plays out every day in your life. It is why you are in the situation you are in as you read this blog post.  It is why you and your horse are working on the thing you are working on – or not.
Your beliefs are shaping your conversation with your horse. 

Begin Questioning Your Beliefs

Today, take some time as you drive to the barn or tack up to think about what you believe in your riding. So many of our beliefs are formed long ago, and while they may have been true and helped keep you safe then, they are actually holding you back now.
A good place to start is to think about why you are doing things the way you are doing things. 
Begin looking for areas that are no longer serving you in your riding and then begin the process of changing them.  This can be as simple as finding something contrary that proves this does not have to be true for you and your riding.
Your brain will actively go looking for examples to prove you right.  By beginning to question what you believe is right, you can begin to see new situations and examples.  Those examples have always been there; however, it is just that now you have given your brain something else to look for.
I have found that by looking for others who have done what I previously believed impossible is a great place to begin.  Seek them out – and then each time you find yourself thinking it can’t be done, think about that person and the example they are leading with.

Mindset Awareness is Ongoing

Finally, keep in mind that your mind’s number one job is to keep you safe.  Therefore, each new level you reach on your riding journey will result in your mind creating another set of beliefs as to why you should stay there.  You will have to continuously question why you are thinking a certain way and continuously look for new ways to think differently.
Beliefs do not have to be part of your thinking forever… You can change your beliefs.  All it takes is an open and curious approach to ‘why’ you are doing what you are doing.
Happy Riding
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