What Are You Willing to Do Differently As a Rider?

What Are You Willing to Do Differently As a Rider?

What Are You Willing to Do Differently As a Rider?

What has changed for you in your riding? If you are not intentionally making a small (or the odd large) tweak here and there, I’m willing to guess that your answer is ‘Not a whole lot’…

Albert Einstein said it and there’s a reason it is repeated by people who try to help others. “Insanity; doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”. But it seems that there are a lot of riders out there who think this doesn’t apply to them.

They’re riding the same exercises, the same way.  The same thoughts running the show – and then complain when nothing changes!

If you want to change something in your riding, you are going to have to do just that… Change something.  Be intentional about doing something differently.

Choosing 1 Thing to Do Differently

Now, if you have just had an ah-ha moment, or I’ve hit a bit of a nerve, hold on… Many riders, when they realize that they are the very thing holding themselves back, throw themselves headfirst into change. New saddle, new exercises, new routine, and schedule. New instructor, new yard, or, maybe, new horse!

Whoa there… If you change everything at once, how will you know what has worked?

Begin by making one change. One small and simple change. If you are unsure of what that change should be, just have a think back to your past few rides. Was there a common theme showing up? Maybe it was something someone was saying to you? An instructor or another equestrian who was working alongside you? And if you’re still drawing a blank…

What was the general ‘theme’ of what you have been telling everyone about your riding this past month?

Remember, sometimes the change doesn’t actually have to be riding related. It can be the amount of time you are riding. The days you are riding. Even the times of day you are making it to your horse. How rushed you are feeling while you ride. Tacking up. Your saddle. Riding in the arena or out of it.

All little things that you can tweak and change in order to begin playing with getting that different result.

Setting an Intention is Key

I would love for you to set yourself a bit of a goal here… This coming week, I want you to do one thing differently. One small tweak. And see how it impacts both you and your horse.

Track your progress using your riding journal.

See if that one change has contributed to a change in the trajectory of the progress in your riding.  Becoming intentional about what you change and then tracking your progress is the key to really making a difference in your riding. In your skills and your experiences. And in your day to day interaction with your horse.

The first thing you do differently might not do a lot.  However, by making one small tweak a week, you will have changed 12 things in 3 months. 12 changes will guarantee that you and your horse are in a different place just 12 short weeks from now.

Happy Riding

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