Weaning Yourself from the Arena Markers

Weaning Yourself from the Arena Markers

Weaning Yourself from the Arena Markers

Arena markers are a great tool when working on improving specific things in our riding. Whether it be rhythm and stride length. Or shapes of movements and shapes…  Using strategically placed markers can really improve the overall quality of the work you do with your horse.  However, just like all of the other artificial aids, we can sometimes become a little too dependent on arena markers in our riding.

Remember, arena markers, just like all other artificial aids, are there to ‘back up’ or ‘strengthen your natural aids.  Meaning it is essential you are looking to eventually work without them.

But working without arena markers can be very challenging for many riders!  In this snippet of a Connection Bonus Live training from December 2021, I discuss how you can begin to slowly, but effectively, remove the arena markers from your circles.  This is all without compromising the quality of the work and the training.

Once again, this is a previously recorded training.  My voice is still quite hoarse.  I really do appreciate your patience with this and I hope it serves you.

Happy Riding

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