Smoother Downward Transitions

Smoother Downward Transitions

Smoother Downward Transitions

There is a tendency for riders to ‘hold’ a little too much during the downward transitions.  And while the half halt is essential to the preparation and transition itself… Too much can lead to a very ‘stuck’ feeling when the horse actually makes it into the new gait!  A little like ‘stuck in the mud’.

In this episode, I am releasing a Connection Bonus Live Call from June 2021.  This is due to an ongoing hoarse voice!  I hope you enjoy the ‘episode’ and that it is useful for you in your riding.

The focus for the month inside of Connection was self-carriage through downward transitions.  In this particular call, I discuss ‘releasing the handbrake’, especially through the seat and hands, while riding the transition.  I do hope that you find this helpful for your downward transitions.

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