Getting started Without Your Stirrups in the Saddle

Getting started Without Your Stirrups in the Saddle

Getting started Without Your Stirrups in the Saddle

What this episode is all about & how it can help you:-

  • The benefits of riding without stirrups
  • The difference between a ‘draped’ leg and a vice grip!
  • How relaxation requires a little effort on your part
  • A few ideas about getting started today

Riding without stirrups is something many riders won’t even dare to try. They understand how important it is for their riding and the development of their seat, however the fear of the unknown (and potentially slipping off) holds them back from trying.

Relaxation when riding without stirrups is vital, but not to the extent that your position is compromised. Many riders think relax and instead begin to collapse! This can be seen when riders stop being responsible for carrying themselves in the saddle and, instead, become heavy and a burden on their horse.

Riding without stirrups is your perfect opportunity to work on draping your legs around your horses sides. Doing this lenghtens your leg, which – over time – will improve your communication with your horse.

I encourage you to start slowly when it comes to riding without stirrups. Take a step by step – one day at a time – approach and the benefits to your communication with your horse, and to your general riding experience will soon outweigh any initial confidence issues you may have had.

Happy Riding

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