Planning Your Month to Make Progress in Your Riding

Planning Your Month to Make Progress in Your Riding

Planning Your Month to Make Progress in Your Riding

Planning.  I love making plans.  They are always so exciting to create, but often fail to deliver the necessary results when we try to act on them. This is usually because we are not planning correctly when it comes to our rides.

This is a system you can use to help you plan your months in your riding that will help you move things along…

This episode of the Daily Strides Podcast has been plucked from a week of lessons from Daily Strides Premium called “Planning for Progress in Your Riding”. The full week of lessons are available right now when you join Connection

Start Slow with Your Goals

I am all for big goals.  I love them.  You know the type of goals that make you think “Really, could that happen? Is it even possible?”.  However, if you are new to the whole ‘planning your month for progress in your riding’, I am going to suggest something more ‘doable’.

What is there, right now, in your riding that is pretty doable for you and your horse to achieve or make happen this month?

Think of things that, given your current set of circumstances, won’t have a lot of resistance show up along the way.  Now, initially, you may think ‘but that is too simple’.  However, I am going to ask you to trust me on this one…

Trust me, if you can reach that small goal over the coming 4 weeks, you will also begin to achieve something else – MOMENTUM! 

Your Current Circumstances & Lifestyle

Having a goal of riding 4 days a week for the upcoming month is great.  Except if you only managed 2 days the whole of the previous month.  Or, even worse, you didn’t make it into the saddle at all the previous month!

Your current circumstances probably won’t magically transform overnight because you have set a goal that requires them to do so. So it makes sense to set goals that work with how things look right now…

It’s also helpful to realize if your current lifestyle or circumstances are not helping you when it comes to planning your month for progress in your riding.  This will allow you to begin making small shifts and changes, month on month.

By gradually changing what your ‘current circumstances’ look like over a longer period of time – you can be in a completely different place 12 months from now. 

Creating Stepping Stones

What makes progress possible is the daily, consistent, little steps you take to improve your conversation with your horse. These are what matters.

Set the intention that every ride this month will have a focus that leads you towards your bigger goal – then do just that.

By remaining consistent in your approach, both you and your horse can build the momentum you need in your training to really and truly make the coming 4 weeks count for you in the bigger picture.  

And, doing that 12 months in a row… Who knows where you can be, come this time next year

Happy Planning!


Planning for Progress in Your Riding


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