Establishing Fowardness in the Trot

Establishing Fowardness in the Trot

Establishing Fowardness in the Trot

The key to a good quality trot is to remember that your horse must be moving forwards at all times. I call this forwardness in the trot.  This is not to be mistaken for running, rushing, or jig-jogging.  True forwardness requires that you, the rider and decision-maker, must be thinking forwards throughout your ride… And, in this case, in the trot itself.

And yet, forwardness in the trot is often one of those ‘easier said than done’ things – especially when we become stuck trying to improve that same trot!

This episode of the Daily Strides Podcast has been plucked from a week of lessons from Daily Strides Premium called “The Basics for Establishing a Good Quality Trot”. The full week of lessons are available right now when you join Connection

Why Forwardness in the Trot…

Many riders accept their trot as being a ‘filler’ in their riding.  Something that they do pretty often between other, more important, things that they do!  And the often monotonous rhythm, the 1,2,1,2,1,2, can often have the effect of lulling riders into a false sense of ‘all being well’ within the gait. Trotting can be so much more…

When you begin paying attention to how much space you and your horse can create inside of the trot itself, you can begin transforming the whole ride. 

Shuffling about, using each iteration of trot in each ride as a means to an end, can similarly do the same.  But in the completely wrong direction as far as progress and development are concerned.

Improving the trot itself starts with becoming aware of the energy inside of the trot. Are you truly moving forwards with a sense of purpose? Or shuffling along?

I truly believe that before you can do anything else inside of your trot, you must first have the energy to work with.  Creating forwardness in the trot will give you this energy.

The Half Halt

Is there anything in riding that truly is ‘stand alone’? I have yet to find it if there is and forwardness in the trot is the same.  There are many different elements that must come together in order to make this happen for you and your horse.

By correctly engaging the half halt you can begin better directing the energy being created within the trot itself. 

Your half halt can be used for a few different purposes.  To bring your horse’s attention back to you.  Then, to prepare him that you are going to ask a question or something different. And finally, to help establish, balance, or maintain before, during, and after your horse’s response.

Combining the half halt, with energy, and then adding thoughtful transitions can, over time, transform your trot. 

And, just like most things in horse riding, the onus will be on you to maintain consistency.  You must become committed to the idea of gradually, day by day, developing each ride.

And I believe that forwardness in the trot is a great place to start doing just this.

Happy Riding!

The Basics for Establishing a Good Quality Trot

This episode comes from a full week of audio horse riding lessons on this topic. In this particular group of lessons, I help you work on identifying where your horse’s propulsion and thrust is coming from and how to begin not only influencing this but actually channeling it into a good quality ‘working trot’.

After all, once you have achieved forwardness in the trot, it must then be harnessed.

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