Lunging for Riding – Results with just 10 Minutes a Day


10 minutes a day; 3 or 4 days a week has the potential to transform both you and your horse when riding…  Lunging, when done correctly and consistently is that powerful and I want you to begin taking full advantage of it in your riding and training with your horse. All you need is your horse, a small ‘flatish’ area to work in, a lunge line, lunge whip, and an open mind…  I will guide you step by step through the rest and, trust me, the results will speak for themselves.



This is where you will learn how to leverage your time, your aids and your mindset on the ground in order to produce huge results in your riding, from the saddle.

Lunging is often seen by many riders are being something that is used to back or initially train a horse to be ridden.  However, lunging is so much more than that – and in this fully digital and online course, I will show you how to begin using this ‘easy to get started with’ tool to transform both you and your horse.

Horse riding is all about communication.  The conversation between horse and rider.  Many riders think of this conversation as starting when they pick up the reins and begin ‘working’ their horse.  However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  The conversation between you and your horse begins on the ground.  And, from this perspective, you can potentially help both you and your horse become more clear in your communication.

Think about it; how often have you been in the saddle trying to get your horse to ‘do something’, only for it to become very clear, very quickly, that your horse has no idea what you are saying – or what you want him to do?!

Clear and Quiet Communication

Lunging is a way you can begin explaining to your horse what you want, without muddying the waters by using contrary or opposite aids or suggestions.  Saying one thing is great; until we notice that another part of our body is saying something else!

Lunging removes this element of confusion from the conversation and allows your horse the space to figure things out for himself. It also allows you to see things from another perspective.  The perspective that a trainer or coach would see things from…

What You Will Learn

In this fully online and digital program (which you can do from anywhere in the world, at any time day or night) you will learn how to:-

    • Get started with lunging in a way that both you and your horse understand
    • How to improve general responsiveness in and out of the saddle using techniques on the lunge
    • Begin asking more challenging questions of your horse that will encourage him to ‘use’ himself more
    • Allow your horse to become comfortable with what he is learning, which will build his confidence
    • Help your horse to start carrying himself, in order to develop correctly

This digital program is 4 weeks long, however, you get full access to the content for a further 8 weeks – because we know how life (and horses) can be.

I want you to take action on this immediately.  I don’t want it to be another ‘nice idea’ that you will use ‘when you get time’. 

Everything is fully downloadable.  We will send you a reminder before your access expires to makes sure that you dive in and get all of your materials. However, if you join now, we really want you to take the time during these four ‘live weeks’ to really build momentum in your riding.

Results in Short, Focused Sessions

Lunging is the perfect resource for this time of year in your horses training and riding.  It will help you both to continue to make progress, refine your aids and develop correctly both physically and mentally.  Lunging also has an incredibly low ‘barrier to entry’.  You only require basic equipment and minimal space.

Lunging removes so many of the other ‘variables’ in the conversation between horse and rider.  It removes the unintentional ‘noise’ that we can create when riding our horse.  It allows communication to become clear and uncluttered.

The program consists of audio training, video training, training emails, and workbooks.  This is a system I have used for years to help riders get results quickly in their training with their horses.

The program is tailored for novice riders who have either never lunged before, or their lunging has been a little ‘hit and miss’.  It is also perfect for riders who have struggled to get results from lunging in the past. 

Delivered over four weeks, so as not to overwhelm you, this program will really and truly help to build your confidence as a rider by allowing you to see how truly effective you can be when working with your horse.

10 Minutes a Day…

If time is an issue for you and your riding, lunging is the perfect alternative and will help you to stay on track and making progress.  Just 10 minutes can give you results that many riders will spend 45 minutes or more working towards when in the saddle.  Yes, it is that effective!

Trust me, you can do this.  You will get success if you follow this program.  I believe that lunging can benefit all horses and riders; regardless of discipline, training level or age…  ALL HORSES and their riders :) 

Looking forward to helping you use this technique to improve your  overall conversation with your horse


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