Putting Your Riding Under The Spotlight

Putting Your Riding Under The Spotlight

Putting Your Riding Under The Spotlight

]Scroll down this article to find the guided audio lesson plan that I have created and suggest you use to get you started with this process]

There are a few disadvantages to riding alone.  One of the biggest is the fact that while you may think and feel like you are doing everything correctly, there is a good chance that in actual fact you’re not!   This is why so many arenas have mirrors around them.  And while many riding centers and equestrian facilities install the mirrors for this exact reason; it can be a pricey solution!

Today, I present you with a much easier, cheaper solution that you can use whenever you like. A tool that, in the long run, can become invaluable to your riding progress and success.  And, which you can use to help to motivate you when things are going less than well…

Using Video to Improve Your Riding

Camera-ready?  Today I want you to video yourself riding your horse while listening to today’s lesson.  This week’s lesson is a basic flatwork plan which you can listen to while you record yourself riding.

I suggest that the camera is placed where the letter A is situated in the arena (in the center of one of the short sides of your arena).   The lesson plan we use will capture you doing basic movements, from all angles, which gives you a great overall picture of the present skill level you are at.

How Video Will Help Your Riding

A quick word for reference here, I have updated this particular blog post in October 2021.  I have testimonials and references from hundreds of riders around the world who have used this process and are seeing the results. 

      1. As you replay the video, play the audio as well to see how you react when different movements are asked
      2. Use this to see first hand if you are perhaps stronger on one side or the other
      3. Creating a permanent record of your progress which you can then compare with newer videos.  This is best applied using the same audio lesson to see how you are improving, or where progress is perhaps slightly stalled, which lets you know what needs more work.

Things to Keep in Mind

Just a few pointers to help you to make the most of this exercise in your riding:-

      1. Remember that this video is for your benefit, and you alone…  If you are worried about what others will think, choose a time to ride alone
      2. The time of day and subsequent daylight may result in different conditions on the video.  Remember to account for shadows, dullness, etc. in your review.
      3. The time of day is also just one of the things I encourage you to take note of HERE.  All of these things (and more) will also play a part in this working for you or not

Another thing to keep in mind with regards to this consistency.  By riding the same movements in the video, week after week or month after month, you get a really clear picture as to what aspects of your riding you need to focus on during your schooling.

This way you can use your practice sessions in the arena to truly move your riding forward.

Happy Riding

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  • horse riding
    February 19, 2015 10:52 am

    That was a great lesson for horse riding and one can really get help with your lessons. I also believe learning horse riding alone is not good thing.

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