Improving Your Ride With the Half Halt

Improving Your Ride With the Half Halt

Improving Your Ride With the Half Halt

The half halt is possibly one of the most important, and yet most under-utilised tools, particularly where novice riders are concerned.  This week’s lessons are designed to make you more conscious of how often you are using your half halt and improving every ride by doing so.

Improving You Ride with Half Halts

So, firstly, why do we use the half halt?

The half halt can be used for a couple of different reasons;

  1. Balancing or ‘steadying’ your horse
  2. Letting your horse know or indicating to your horse that something is about to be asked of him
  3. Bringing your horse’s attention back to you and what you are asking him

It is a vitally important movement that should precede all other movements and tasks from transitions to bending, from jumping to halting

What becomes confusing about the half halt is the fact that the word ‘halt’ is in its name… It really has nothing to do with halting and has everything to do with regrouping you and your horse before each new movement.

The half halt, when applied, should only be used for a split second and then released.  You can use multiple half halts one after each other to achieve what you want, but as I just mentioned, it is vital to release each one immediately, otherwise your horse will learn to lock himself against you and become heavy in your hand.

There is a more detailed blog post about how to Harness the Power of the Half Halt that you might be interested in reading.

In Monday’s lesson this week we are setting our foundation for the basics of half halting and how by performing this simple movement correctly throughout your ride, you will improve the overall feeling and success of your time spent in the saddle.

We also touch on how your basic position being correct is paramount to a successful half halt.

On Tuesday, we begin to incorporate the half halts into our transitions and have a good schooling session including halt, walk, trot and canter during the full lesson with school movements included as well.

In Wednesday’s lesson we are practicing using the half halt to set ourselves up better and make changes within related distances.

This week of lessons is available with over 500 other audio horse riding lessons inside of Daily Strides Premium. You can find out more about it HERE >>

Happy Riding

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