Everything Takes Time and Persistence

Everything Takes Time and Persistence

Everything Takes Time and Persistence

The following text is an excerpt from a business coaching resource I created for equestrian business owners. Time and persistence, when coulpled in the right way, will help entrepreneurs overcome most challenges.   If you would like help with your business, you can reach out to me privately on Instagram, @lornaleeson.

“The important thing to remember here is that everything takes time.  EVERYTHING!  Looking at any situation as a monumental leap from here to there will often seem impossible. However, breaking it down into smaller pieces, makes it seem much more manageable. Perhaps dividing it into two years, and then again chunking it down into even smaller pieces, quarters.  From here, breaking it down into months, weeks and lastly days…  Well, now anything can become possible!

Big Desires & Goals

Let’s look at this situation another way.  As I write this I am sitting on my farm in South Africa.  Let’s say I have a goal or desire to get back to Ireland (my home country) for a visit.  I can have a look on a map and see the vast distance between S.A and Ireland. Paying attention to all the land and sea (mostly land) between here and there!

In doing so, I could easily decide that it is far too vast a distance for me to ever cover. And so, never even start the journey. 

And looking at it like that, taking action and stepping outside my front door here on the farm seems a little useless.  Just imagining Ireland, from my perceived reality right now; yes, it is a MASSIVE distance.

Leverage What You Have

However, I have options.  Depending on how I decide to go about getting ‘home’, I could start today. And within 24 hours or 6 months, I can be there (all going to plan!).

The quickest way to achieve that is by having the necessary cash on hand to purchase a plane ticket.  Yes, I will still have to drive the hour to the nearest airport.  From there, catch the first flight, transfer at another airport, catch the second flight. And then transfer again at a third airport. Then, after catching the final flight, I will depart that third plane in Ireland! All in less than 24 hours than when I began my trip.  In this case I can leverage money.

No Money? Leverage Time & Effort…

For many entrepreneurs, a lack of money is the perceived thing holding them back.  However, there are other things you can use if funds are not available. Time and persistence will help you leverage these things.  Let’s go back to my initial goal of going to Ireland, but this time without available cash for a plane ticket.  I could if I wanted, set out on foot tomorrow morning.  Plotting a trail up through Africa, crossing the Mediterranean Sea into Europe. And, after crossing Europe, catch a ferry to Ireland.

It would take me longer.  And it is riskier journey and path to follow.  There will probably be the odd twist and turn, some leading me in a direction away from my desired destination…

But after 6 to 8 months, a very exhausted, but far more learned and experienced me, would arrive in Ireland.   It is the longer route.  And it is a far riskier way.  Definitely not for the faint-hearted!  Most importantly it would involve me using all my resources, contacts, skills, and knowledge.  However, it is doable.

Time and Persistence

This is how you should look at your journey from where you are with your business to where you want to get your business to.

If you have money available to spend, you can use it to ‘buy a plane ticket’ . This will move you faster from A to B.  But, if you don’t, you can also use what you have right now.  You will achieve the same results, but with a little more time and energy.

Chunk it down.   Break it into smaller ‘stages’.  Divide those into smaller pieces. And finally, you will be left with the ‘steps you can take.  One by one.  Use both time and persistance to get you to your desired destination.

Happy Riding

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